San Diego Housing Coalition: Who Are We?

The San Diego Housing Coalition represents a collective of community voices and organizations, educators, experts, non-profits, lifelong advocates, but more importantly people who have been directly impacted by the housing crisis in San Diego. The San Diego Housing Coalition aims to be a strong advocate for smart neighborhoods that promote homeownership and rental opportunities along with a good quality of life for households of a variety of income levels. We understand the serious housing shortage facing the San Diego Region and believe that it should be addressed by providing housing opportunities that truly address our community’s needs and keep up with population growth. As we work to increase our housing stock, it is important to put the needs of our communities first, by addressing issues of equity and access, sustainability, and health and wellness.

Addressing Housing Shortage

For far too long the San Diego region has failed to meet the housing needs for our growing communities. The lack of urgency to address this issue has caused a sharp and continuous increase in the average cost of living throughout the county, with some projections showing that the median home price in the county will be close to $1 million dollars by 2022. Now more than ever, it’s incredibly important that we work collaboratively to find solutions so that we can lead the way in addressing our housing crisis and increasing the quantity and diversity of our housing stock.

Equity and Access

A critical part housing advocacy is amplifying the needs of our communities. New developments should be designed and centered on equity and access to high-quality community facilities and resources that will benefit every resident, regardless of income level. Through this lens, we must intentionally build neighborhoods that will support future resident and families, and prioritizing addressing the many issues that have caused long-term repercussions in our lower-income, BIPOC, and Latinx communities.


Housing should be constructed utilizing an environmentally sensitive design that minimizes energy use and environmental impacts, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and protects sensitive habitats and open space. We must push for and adopt building practices that prioritize minimizing waste and the utilization of sustainable materials.


Health and Wellness

Residential developments should promote and encourage physical activity along with safer and more attractive neighborhoods to maintain the health, safety, and overall well-being of communities. Access to parks, hiking and walking trails, pools, and recreation centers are crucial to ensure a higher quality of life for our traditionally ignored communities.

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