Purpose and Mission

The San Diego Housing Coalition aims to be a strong advocate for smart neighborhoods that promote homeownership and rental opportunities along with a good quality of life for households of a variety of income levels. The serious housing shortage facing the San Diego Region should be addressed by providing housing opportunities that truly address our community’s needs and keep up with population growth. As we transition to increase our housing stock, it is important to put the needs of our communities first, by addressing issues of equity and access, sustainability, and health and wellness.


Board Members

Melinda Vasquez  (Real Estate Attorney) 

Estela De Los Rios (Non-Profit Executive Director)

Jacqueline Venegas (Educator)

Malik Thornton  (Student Advocate)

Miriam Moeller (Social Worker MSW) 

Victoria Herrero  (Community Organizer) 

Email admin@housingcoalition.com if you’re interested in applying to join the board.

Community Partners

(Partial List)